July 18, 2009 Southern Harbor Boating: (21 Photos)


21.   Another weekend has arrived and another Saturday shaped up great for a run in the boat on Placentia Bay. Captain H. and I were just getting ready to head to the wharf when young Joe returned from work so he joined us on our adventure.


20.   We left the wharf in Southern Harbor around 10:30 and headed across the bay under sunny skies and very light breeze to Long Island.




18.   We stopped briefly at Tom & Linda's cabin in Haystack where we were invited back for Supper later.


17.   Leaving Haystack we headed south along the shore of Long Island stopping at each cove or place that interested us, such as a small rock island with a hole at the bottom where you could see clear through the island.

16.   Winds remained light and sometimes non-existent so we managed to go ashore on many small rock islands for some unique pictures!


15.   Many of these outcroppings are not so inviting in story weather, and have been dreaded by many mariners over the centuries!


14.   Our destination this trip was the resettled community of Harbor Buffett, once a thriving fishing community, its now home to a hand full of summer vacationers.


13.   When we arrived there we stopped to chat with some of friends of Captain H. before heading across the harbor to see an old whaling vessel that ran aground years ago.


12.   This vessel is rumored to be an old Japanese whaling vessel The FUMI MARU-15 abandoned/ran aground in the mid seventies.


11.   The old ship is in dire shape these days, but Joe and I still climbed aboard the severely listed deck for a look around.


10.   The deck is very rotted and is quite dangerous, but its a real treat to be able to climb around this old piece of Newfoundland history.


9.   A ban on whale hunting in Canadian waters was imposed in 1972 and an entire industry was shut down.


8.   With history changed forever this is one of the last remnants, a rare glimpse of an era many of my generation has never seen.




6.   After our tour of the ship, we headed across the harbor and docked near the walking trail to Port Royal.


5.   Its less then a 10 minute hike to this summer community, which like many others on Long Island, is quite picturesque and quiet.


4.   Once we returned to the boat we had a quick sandwich and headed out the Harbor back along the shore exploring many of the islands and coves all the way to Haystack for supper at Tom & Linda's.




2.   After supper and with winds having picked up only slightly we headed back across the bay towards Southern Harbor stopping to one of my favorite ATV destinations at LeManche. I was surprised to see that the warm dry weather we've experienced this summer had an effect on the freshwater stream and waterfall on the beach as it was completely dried up. As much as I love this warm weather, some rainfall is badly needed to replenish water reservoirs all over the Island.


1.   Leaving LeManche we headed back to the wharf at Southern Harbor ending a fantastic day on the water!


Cheers, MIKE

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