April 5, 2022

Out goes March and with it another month of "not much of a winter", so now we are finally into spring. Although it would have been great to have colder winter conditions we can't control the weather. The crew is already looking forward to warmer weather and more outdoor activities, including trouting, salmon fishing, camping, ATV rips, and more!

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April 4, 2022

Winter trouting season is not over yet as Slaney hauled in a beautiful resident Brown Trout on fly rod this week!

Photo Credit: Terry Slaney



April 3, 2022

This past weekend Mark French turned 40. Fortunately for us, he and the whole family went out of town for the girls hockey tournament so a few of us headed down to his house and put up a "few" decorations for his return. Check out the full story and pics on the Crew Adventures page!

Photo Credit: Heather French



March 31, 2022

In this weeks update I added a bunch of fresh content to the new Shed-Headz Grill Masters page. Mark's Over The Top Chilli is just a sample of what can be found in the March Madness article, also up are Pit Boss Austin XL must have mods & accessories, new recipes, and how to's.

Photo Credit: Mark French



March 24, 2022

Since the weather was terrible Bassan and I went to work completing tile installation in this beautiful bathroom. Hexagon floor, curb less shower and a herringbone accent wall all came out beautiful!

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



March 11, 2022

This week my new fly fishing outfit arrived. It's a G•Loomis NRX+ 7wt 10' Fly Rod, Lamson Lightning F7+ Reel and Airflo Superflow Power Taper line. So far I've practiced in the backyard, and this setup is a canon, I'm very happy with the feel and casting power into the wind! Can't wait for salmon fishing! Stay tuned for a 2022 fishing gear update article.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



March 4, 2022

Its been a sad winter for snow, and up until today any snow received saw the Argo remain parked as I fully expected each good snowfall to be followed by more snow and better riding conditions. However that changed today as I finally put project 6x6's tracks on fresh powder for a quick afternoon jaunt. Check out the pics from this beautiful day on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



March 3, 2022

Today Dad and I took advantage of another short weather window as its been cold for a week and just a handful of ponds again became safe enough to walk on. Ice thickness today was about 4", no good for machine but OK to walk out and set a few lines. Check out trouting & boil up pics on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



February 28, 2022

I find very few kitchen gadgets noteworthy, but actually came across this unit on Instagram while creating some epic reels (which you check out here). It's a simple pump for filling glasses without lifting the container. We use it all the time adding milk to Tea & Coffee, you simply open the fridge door, press mug against the trigger and viola! I've found these pumps for sale on Amazon & EBay while the glass jug pictured came from Canadian Tire.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



February 26, 2022

I'm very pleased to announce that the 3rd and final phase of my catch up series of website updates is finally complete and now LIVE! Today you can find winter adventures and a post 2021 salmon fishing gear review on the Crew Adventures page, and more additions to the Outdoor Lifestyle Product Reviews page. However the big news and the largest single addition to the site is the launch of our brand new Shed-Headz Grill Masters section! We have been grilling for a long time so this section already has a lot of content featuring pics from our grilling/smoking conquests, backwoods boil-ups, how to's (more like how we did it!), recipes, and equipment reviews. Hope you enjoy it!

Photo Credit: Mike Smith


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