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March 2, 2019

This past weekend Steve braved super chilly -42 C beautiful sunny weather to take part in the annual Yellowknife Ice Road Run. This event took place on the ice road across Great Slave Lake to Dettah a total distance of about 12km!

Photo Credit: Kailee Smith


March 1, 2019

Before heading back to town Friday night I gave dad a hand to load up his snowmobile as Saturday morning he is west coast bound. Dad and his buddies have a tip planned to snowmobile from Deer Lake north to Great Harbor Deep and then onto Roddickton.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



March 1, 2019

On Friday I took advantage of beautiful clear sunny skies to head out over the highway to visit dad in Bay Roberts for the day. We completed the Alarm System in his new garage and later I completed my first project taking advantage of the large space to pull in my Silverado to warm up & install my new soft roll up Tonneau cover. This new low profile cover fit perfectly and replaces my tired 8 year old cover that recently began to leak simply due to age.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



March 1, 2019

Highlights pics have been a little shy lately as I've been super busy with work so today I'm a little pic heavy to catch up! Quick pic of the Marina in Bay Roberts completely frozen up! It's been a moment since the harbour froze over like this, consistent very cold temperatures in February have created a lot of ice on ponds, bogs, and rivers. Low snow conditions has made snowmobiling near impossible but ATV riding is absolutely fantastic, local dealers cannot keep screw in tire studs in stock!

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



February 16, 2019

After enjoying an awesome week at the cabin for our 21st Annual Winter Trip, this weekend Sooley & French headed back to the Sooley cabin in Whitbourne for an overnight ice fishing adventure with their kids! Pics and story can be found on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Paul Sooley



February 15, 2019

Today I took advantage of beautiful sunny skies and hit the trails in Torbay for an afternoon ATV ride and cook-up. I put my Kelly Kettle and MSR stove to good use frying up moose sausages, onions, beans, some Mr. Noodle and lots of coffee! Pics and story can be found on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



February 8, 2019

This year we celebrated our 21st Annual Winter Trip at the Sooley cabin near Whitbourne. We enjoyed a week of outdoor adventures including Snowmobile/ATV/Dirt Bike runs, ice fishing, wood cutting, rabbit snaring and a bunch of stuff. Epic meals were made and stories told as we also celebrated Sooley's big 4-0 Birthday this year! Pics and story can be found on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Brad Janes



February 5, 2019

Bassan's new Tacoma and cap are much better for hauling all of our Ceramic Tile gear than his old RAV4. Thanks goodness for vehicle upgrades!

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



February 4, 2019

With the cabin trip set to start in two days time, no snow on the ground & no snow in the forecast I decided to adapt project Foreman to better suit the super slippery trail conditions here on the east coast by installing 700 1/2" dirt bike studs in my well worn ITP Mud Lite XTR's. These should really help make trail riding better and safer later this week!

Photo Credit: Mike Smith


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